Birth Undisturbed: Call to Prayer

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In the first moment this baby enters the world, the Adhan, the Muslim call for prayer, is whispered by the father into the right ear, and in the left ear, the Iqamah. “There is no deity but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” When done at the first possible moment, before any examination or words of hospital staff, it follows the Islamic principle that the very first words the baby hears be that of the Adhan. Done before the cord is cut, it also allows that scientific principle of nature is honored for the baby’s own physiology, and full blood runs course to the infant till cord is white and drained.

Natalie Lennard (b. 1986) is a fine-art and commercial photographer whose work has been exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery and Houses of Parliament, featured by the BBC, El Pais and NY Arts, and whose commercial clients include Nikon, HTC and Guo Pei. Twice named Saatchi Art’s One to Watch, her evocative surrealistic fashion pieces have become globally prolific with luxury venues, and spotlighted in Saatchi Art’s ‘Invest in Art’ 2018 and ‘Refuse to be the Muse’ reports on the growing power of women in photography.

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