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Empathy Matters

Dr. Joan Naidorf is an emergency physician, author and speaker located in Alexandria, VA.

Her book, “Changing How we Think About Difficult Patients: a Guide for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals,” is published by the American Association for Physician Leadership.

The psychological harm from health insurance denials to patients and physicians cannot be undone

JL Lycette, MD, is a hematologist/oncologist and writer in rural Oregon. Her medical perspective and narrative medicine essays can be found in NEJM, JAMA, Journal of Clinical Oncology, The ASCO Post, Medscape, and Doximity, among other places.

Her debut novel, a speculative medical thriller, THE ALGORITHM WILL SEE YOU NOW (Black Rose Writing Press), is out now. See more of her writing on her website,, and connect with her on Twitter @JL_Lycette

How Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them

Internal documents and former company executives reveal how Cigna doctors reject patients’ claims without opening their files. “We literally click and submit,” one former company doctor said.  

This article was orginalluy published by Propublica on March 25, 2023

Burn It Up

Alexis Del Cid is a journalist and TV anchor for The University of Kansas Health System Medical News Network.

She Is also an EMMY winner.

Who Are You?

When identity confusion and mental illness presents to our Behavioral Unit

Debbie Moore-Black RN has worked in the ICU for over 30 years. Her nursing stories offer ideas to improve care, discuss dilemmas facing patients and healthcare providers, provide a little humor, and offer opinions and insight on dying & dignity.

She describers her stories as “a composite of fiction and facts and are based on the things I’ve seen and experienced. These stories are not for everyone, but they are topics that I believe shouldn’t remain in the silence.”

How Can We Better Cope with Medical Malpractice Lawsuits and Adverse Events?

Dr. Fortner MD is an Ob/Gyn, entrepreneur, speaker, and an expert in PTSD Like events in medicine.

She lives on a farm in rural Ohio with her husband and 4 children. She has been practicing for 21 years and went from private practice to now an OB Hospitalist position working part time.

She can be reached at:

Have You Ever Wondered How the Brain Cleans Itself?

Dr. Mandel left clinical pediatrics and haw been researching and teaching the connections between mind and body medicine for over 13 years.

Her passion is teaching individuals (especially teens and their families) to look for the answers they are seeking on the INSIDE, where all the answers lie.