Congratulations to Our Summer Poetry Contest Winners

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Congratulations to all the contest winners chosen by Kim Addonizio!

A note from the judge, Ms. Addonizio :  I read so many fine poems of difficulty and courage, pain and healing—some about the pandemic of course, but there were also many poignant reminders that mortal life is always fraught—cancer, dementia, violence It felt unfair to choose just three to honor. I hope all of these writers will continue telling stories we need to hear.

First-“What I Don’t Say…”—I loved the wise and fiercely compassionate voice in this little gem, a voice that wants to open a creative space to help another confront her demons of self-destruction.

Second-“Pneumothorax”—This writer’s thinking-through of “pain’s solipsism” drew me in with its smart, surprising metaphors that breathe magic into the lines and make this a piece that transcends ordinary narrative.

Third-“A Taste of Sweetness”-A moving, concise portrait of a dying parent and the speaker’s difficult relationship with him. Its lines sing, and the ending speaks to everyone who’s struggled with family violence.

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