Edinburgh Seven

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Photographed by Laurence Winram

Note from the artist:

“I was commissioned by Edinburgh medical school to create this image. It is a reimagining of a famous Rembrandt painting from 1632 called ‘The Anatomy Lesson of Nicolaes Tulp’, a reproduction of which hangs in their Department of Anatomy. The original painting shows a group of male medical students and teacher gathered around a cadaver. It was decided to reproduced this image with contemporary women medical students who represent the Edinburgh Seven who were the very first British women medical students 150 years ago. Being women they were at that time not allowed to graduate so were rightly honoured at last year’s posthumous degree ceremony. It was a tough job to shoot in a really short period of time but I loved being part of righting a historic injustice.”

Based in his studio in Edinburgh, Scotland, Laurence Winram has been shooting both fine art and commercial photography since the early 90’s. Increasingly his time is spent on his personal projects. His award winning work has been widely exhibited including in The Saatchi gallery in London as well as regularly showing at The Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh. His work has largely been influenced by his loves of art and magic. Both Laurence’s father and grandfather were magicians and this lead to an interest in illusion as well as the more esoteric side of magic. This can be seen most clearly in his MythosLogos and Conemen series.  Laurence sells limited edition fine art prints of his work in his online Winram Gallery

You can find more information about Mr. Winram below:


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