Here’s How You Can Maximize Dopamine Levels in a Natural Way

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Here’s How You Can Maximize Dopamine Levels in a Natural Way

Here are a few interesting facts that I found along my journey.

I thought you guys would appreciate…

We all have a baseline level of dopamine innate to us.

Some people have a higher baseline level and are more driven, happy, and easily inspired. We all know people like this.

Maybe we are one?

Some people are can have a lower baseline, and it takes more for them to be inspired to ideas, get motivated, and have a lower baseline “happy” level. We all know people like this too.

Maybe we are one?

No matter who we are, when our level drops below our baseline, we feel it as “pain” or as a “craving.”

When it comes above our baseline, we feel driven, enthusiastic, or even euphoric.

This can happen naturally or with various substances or activities.

What was really interesting to me was that we can not only elevate our dopamine levels, but we can actually raise the baseline, so we are generally happier.

1. Get 7+ hours of sleep (you all knew I was going to say that, right?) πŸ˜‚

2. Listen to your favorite music 🎢

3. Exercise (of course!) My favorite πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

4. Eat food rich in tyrosine (This helps build dopamine physically- it’s a building block- or precursor) 🍣

5. Avoid bright lights or screens from 11 pm-4 am. It is well documented that light during these times is a pro-depressive. πŸ“Ί PLUS get early morning sunlight within half hour of waking.

6. Mindfulness πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

7. Drink caffeine (100-400 mg) β˜•οΈ this will make the dopamine receptors more available, plus it is a mild enhancer of dopamine itself.

All these things will help. There are many more!

If your body is used to getting very large doses of dopamine chronically, your levels may be very low without that substance or activity, and a 2-week dopamine fast may be very helpful in this case.

Talk to a professional if this is the case.

Which is your favorite?

Note from Dr. Mandel.

β€œI left clinical pediatrics and have been researching and teaching the connections between mind and body medicine for over 13 years. My passion is teaching individuals (especially teens and their families) to look for the answers they are seeking on the INSIDE, where all the answers lie.

I currently see individual clients but most of my time is working with K-12 staff (and parents) in public and private schools helping them learn to self regulate and self soothe using their physiology and mindset. I support them in learning these skills for themselves and the natural progression of teaching it to their students by being the example. It’s a win-win.’

She can be reached at

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