How Can We Better Cope with Medical Malpractice Lawsuits and Adverse Events?

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By Laura Fortner MD

I had an OB physician call me today who is on the Credentialing committee at a hospital I’ll be doing work at to discuss my lawsuit. It was NOT a problem and I didn’t even flinch and I wasn’t triggered.

It’s par for the course.

Just business now and not a problem.

I have so much peace.

I have so much confidence about who I am.

However, In the past this wasn’t so. There were times I would just ball 😭 and not be able to speak. My anxiety about it and my lack of self confidence was very apparent.

It was a journey to get where I am today and it took effort.

It took being brave and reaching out to get help.

It took learning a new way to think.

It took being self compassionate with myself.

It took me being okay with getting sued.

This is why I have been helping others find peace of mind too.

And why I am launching the Healthcare Hero Healing Circle soon.

A private, safe, and confidential space only for physicians to help them get peace of mind, joy and self confidence.

Dr. Fortner MD is an Ob/Gyn, entrepreneur, speaker, and an expert in PTSD Like events in medicine.

She lives on a farm in rural Ohio with her husband and 4 children. She has been practicing for 21 years and went from private practice to now an OB Hospitalist position working part time.

She can be reached at:

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