Living With Anxiety and Depression

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By William Doan Ph.D.

William Doan, Ph.D. is a past president of the Association for Theatre in Higher Education and a Fellow in the College of Fellows of The American Theatre. Doan has co-authored three books and several plays. He has created solo performance projects at a variety of venues across the U.S., and abroad. Current work includes the performance piece, Frozen In The Toilet Paper Aisle of Life, part of his larger, My Anxiety Project, which includes multiple short graphic narratives published in the Annals of Internal Medicine/Graphic Medicine and Cleaver Magazine, lntima: The Journal of Narrative Medicine, and The AutoEthnographer. He is a Professor of Theatre in the College of Arts and Architecture, and Director of the Arts and Design Research Incubator at Penn State. Doan served as the Penn State Laureate for 2019-2020. His collaboration Inhale, Exhale, Draw, a short, animated film, was selected as a prize finalist in the World Health Organization’s Health For All Film Festival, 2021. Sticks and Stones, his second collaboration has been selected for thirteen festivals nationally and internationally, garnering several awards. Frontline Nurses: Dispatches From the Covid 19 Pandemic, is his most recent collaboration and has been selected for four festivals to date.

Dr. Doan can be reached through Twitter @DoanWjd1


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Mark Arrow
March 14, 2023 11:35 pm

A few years ago, I also faced the same situation. Living with anxiety and depression is a journey that teaches us many life-changing lessons and it may take time to find the right key to open the door of happiness and find the light in the darkness. Be patient and kind to yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask your family, friends or others for help when you need it.

February 15, 2023 8:10 pm

Love the use of mixed media and the simple honesty message of the message.

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