love knows no boundaries

Dr. Michelle Goni MD is a radiologist in Miami, Florida.

This poem comes from her new poetry anthology entitled, “Roses and Thorns”-a memoir-esque compilation of a beautiful and messy life.

It is available for purchase on Amazon.

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by Michelle Goni MD

love knows no boundaries

* * *

love doesn’t run with a

stopwatch or a bow an arrow


a master of time


she lost her partner

carried the heaviness of grief

a sinking weight on her heart

with panic attacks

motionless on the couch

no desire to ever get up

but she had three daughters to raise


feeling grief meant she loved and was loved

but grief also felt like it punctured her lungs

gasping for air

she prayed her husband would come back to life.

and then she met someone special

she knew he wouldn’t replace him

she could never forget him.


but open to love again.

her heart felt lighter

so she took a chance

for this man seemed whole

she had many broken parts.

I was raised in Long Island, New York. I completed medical school and a Diagnostic Radiology residency program in Puerto Rico and finished a Musculoskeletal fellowship from the University of Miami.  For over 18 years, I have worked as a Teleradiologist from my home office in Miami, FL. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband and three sons, traveling, getting together with friends, exercising, and writing. Most recently, my lifelong dream of writing a book became a reality. I published my first prose poetry book titled, Roses and Thorns: a memoir-esque compilation of a beautiful and messy life. I hope that by sharing my stories about grief, fear, failure, shame, evolution, success, family, and love, it will lead others to embrace authentic introspection, healing, empathy, gratitude, and self-compassion.

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