Red Palpitations

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This artwork is entitled, Red Palpitation. It is made of glass and porcelain, 13cm x 4cm, 2018.

Note from the artist Iluá Hauck da Silva:

Red Palpitation is one of many glass hearts belonging to the series Palpitations, in which I explore the beauty and symbolism of the anatomical human heart. I have a particular interest in the relationship between art and medicine, and my work represents how internal organs often function as visual metaphors for different aspects of the human condition and its conundrums. Palpitations is an ongoing series and individual pieces feature in various private collections across the globe.”

Iluá Hauck da Silva lives and works in London.

According to the artist, “The crux of my practice is to visually investigate the human condition and its conundrums: sculpted body parts and glass internal organs function as signifiers for different psychological, emotional, and physical afflictions.”

She can be reached at:

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