By Ellen Goldsmith

Ellen Goldsmith is a poet and teacher. Her books include Left Foot, Right Foot, Where to Look, Such Distances and No Pine Tree in This Forest Is Perfect. which won the Slapering Hol Chapbook contest.

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of fox and deer across the snowy field,

marks made while I slept.

At night, when we watch TV, I sneak a look at Vic’s profile.

And as he sleeps, I look for markers of my illness on his face.

Emily asks about the details of my day, listens so attentively.

Is she on the lookout for a whiff of the hospital in me?

Good test result after good test result. Still,

When I recall an upcoming CT scan, I frown.

I think of how the aroma of wine

Remains in the glass long after the last sip.

Ellen Goldsmith is a poet and teacher. Her books include Left Foot, Right FootWhere to LookSuch Distances and No Pine Tree in This Forest Is Perfect. which won the Slapering Hol Chapbook contest. Her poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies.. Professor emeritus of the City University of New York, she lives in Cushing Maine.

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