Tranquility Inspired Haikus

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Tranquility Inspired Haikus

Here’s a note from the photographer/poet: “I took this picture 10 years ago (January 2013) while on vacation in my native Haiti; That’s what our winters look like. The picture fixes in time a moment of tranquility and stillness. To me, it’s a reminder to remain calm and anchored in the face of daily challenges. It inspired me to write some Haikus”

Unceasing flow of

Sapphire undulations-

Pause for a moment.

Be free from chatter

Like this sunbathing dinghy,

Trusting its anchor.

Winter in Haiti-

A dinghy unphased by waves:

Pure tranquility.

Christophe de Lespinnase is a Florida licensed MD with a mind for business and social entrepreneurship. He holds a BS from Babson College in 2019, and MD from FIU HWCOM. He prides himself on being able to give back to his native Haiti. He has currently veered away from direct patient care, and is now focused on building up his research, writing and teaching skills.

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January 17, 2023 7:16 pm

This pairing of image and poem worked perfectly, each complimenting the other competing. Reading and looking creates a restful moment.

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