St. Barth’s with Dr. Scott Hammerman, MD

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By Scott Hammerman MD
Dr. Hammerman is a dermatologist in NY, NY

Q) Thanks for submitting photos from you trip to St. Bart’s. It looks like it was mind-bendingly beautiful there?

A) It was beyond beautiful. I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled around the Caribbean pretty extensively, but this was really unique.

Q) Can you be more specific? What impressed you the most?

A) The water was this jaw-dropping turquoise color. It had a magical glow. And there were small mountains right at the foot of the beaches.

Q) Sounds a bit like a miniature Rio De Janeiro?

A) Yes maybe…but……on a smaller scale. This was more boutique-y.

Q) Where did you stay while you were in St. Barts?

A) We Airbnb’s several villas. The hotels were out of this world expensive to be honest….I shared a villa with a friend. We got lucky. Without an Airbnb rental it’s a very expensive proposition, unfortunately.

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