Untitled 2021

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By Marty Dunn (Oil on Canvas)

‘Untitled 2021’.  Oil on canvas on aluminum composite panel, 16 by 28 inches unframed, 21 by 33 inches framed.  Completed November 2021.

This painting is the first of a series which attempt to make some sense of the covid-19 pandemic and our responses to it.  This painting started as an admonition to America, saying: ‘Get over yourself.  Do your part.  Go get vaccinated.  You can still be an individual, you can still do your thing:)’  As the painting progressed the characters were having so much fun with themselves I thought that a title would only take away from the scene.

Marty Dunn is a third generation representational artist with strong spiritual/social awareness themes. The paintings entered are part of a series examining the pandemic through the lens of the American psyche.

Website: martydunnartist.com

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