Wearable Art: Silk and Cashmere Scarves

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Wearable Art: Silk and Cashmere Scarves Designed By Chetna Singh MD


According to Dr. Singh, “They are my original artwork, digitally printed on pure silk. The translation from art to scarf works beautifully on silk, while affording a luxurious feel and keeping you cool in the summer and warm in winter. A piece of art that is unique.  It’s yours to wear or frame and decorate if you prefer!”

Black Orchid — Square Silk Scarf.


Her Giverny Collection is inspired by the designer’s trip to Monet’s garden. The paintings pay homage to the magical venue and a legendary painter. The artwork is printed on pure silk in a limited edition.

Orchid Horse – Square Silk Scarf



“The air is charged with excitement as she takes her seat next to her friends, dressed in a pale pink shift dress. Before running out the door, she tied her silk twill scarf to her large brimmed hat; perfect for the Derby. Conscious of the well-dressed crowd around her, she feels completely confident in her choice of the luxurious silk accessory. The Orchid pink in the painted scarf is striking against the white of her hat. As she turns to see the gates lift, the crowd is on its enthusiastic feet , and she’s swept up with them. She’s buzzing with the thrill of the hoofs beating down the track.”

Her scarves can be purchased at:


Chetna Singh MD is an Emergency Medicine physician and a mom of three, “I love my busy life and am so happy to share my passion for art with you. Starting in March 2013, it’s been a fun journey with a lot of hard work involved. I have shown my work in Fashion Week in NYC and the scarves can be found in boutiques and online.”

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