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Peruvian Travel Review and Cooking Experience

Miriam Korik OD and Justin Bazan OD are optometrists in private practice in Brooklyn, NY.

You can find out more about their travel reviews and recommendations on their Youtube channel:

Discovering the Isle of Wight

Dr. Joan Naidorf is an emergency physician, author and speaker located in Alexandria, VA.

Her book, “Changing How we Think About Difficult Patients: a Guide for Physicians and Healthcare Professionals,” is published by the American Association for Physician Leadership.

Travel Blog by Muhammad Ali Abad: Naran Valley

Muhammad Ali Abad is a 4th year MBBS student at King Edward Medical University, Pakistan. He describes himself as “a writer at heart and medic by profession, I strive to find a perfect balance between scalpel and pen that will help me heal others and myself, as well.”

Caribbean Housing

Get out of the cold! Experience the less touristy, south shore of Jamaica! Villa Hikaru is a lovely, classic well-kept late 60s era Jamaican stone